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Read-to-Selfie Station

Reading games at Family Literacy Night

Comprehension Station at Family Literacy Night

Mrs. Larson's 2nd graders prepare for their Genre test through the use of Kahoot!

2nd Grade Wax Museum

2nd Grade Wax Museum

1st and 2nd grade reading buddies

Superintendent, Mr. Salemi, reads a story to the 2nd grade students.

Thank you for participating in Watch DOGS!

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Mrs. Larson's students practice mathematical concepts on EDpuzzle.

Kindergarten students spell their name with virtual magnetic tiles.

Prepping for our math test with Kahoot!

Asking a true Olympian speed skater some questions we developed through our Winter Olympics IBL project.

1st and 2nd grade reading buddies

1st grade students take a picture with an Olympic Speed Skater, Nancy Swider-Peltz.

Mrs. Lappe explains the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Flexible seating as we work on comprehension skills using ReadTheory.org.

Lights, Camera, Read!

2nd Grade Wax Museum

Gamifying the 2nd Grade Classroom




Coding Minecraft for STEM Day

2nd Grade Wax Museum


What is the Author's Purpose?

Is the Author's Purpose to Entertain, Inform, or Persuade?


Mission Statement

Westchester Public Schools, District 92½, will apply inquiry-based strategies within the curriculum and foster a culturally responsive, caring and safe environment that addresses the instructional needs of all students while developing leadership skills and opportunities.
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