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2nd Grade Wax Museum

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Flexible seating as we work on comprehension skills using ReadTheory.org.

Comprehension Station at Family Literacy Night

Reading games at Family Literacy Night

Mrs. Lappe explains the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Prepping for our math test with Kahoot!

2nd Grade Wax Museum

Lights, Camera, Read!

Thank you for participating in Watch DOGS!

Mrs. Larson's students practice mathematical concepts on EDpuzzle.

1st and 2nd grade reading buddies

1st and 2nd grade reading buddies

1st grade students take a picture with an Olympic Speed Skater, Nancy Swider-Peltz.

Mrs. Larson's 2nd graders prepare for their Genre test through the use of Kahoot!

Kindergarten students spell their name with virtual magnetic tiles.

Read-to-Selfie Station

2nd Grade Wax Museum

Asking a true Olympian speed skater some questions we developed through our Winter Olympics IBL project.

Superintendent, Mr. Salemi, reads a story to the 2nd grade students.

Coding Minecraft during STEM Day

Parent Visitation Day

As 1st grade students "Teach their Monster to Read," they're really teaching themselves.

Mrs. Jacobsen and Mrs. Church stop for a picture at the Selfie Station

Mr. Salemi visits Ms. McMorrow's class to read them a story.

Superintendent Salemi reads The Gruffalo

Differentiation through the use of technology in Mrs. Larson's 2nd grade classroom.

Kindergarten students are working on alphabetical order.

Asking Miss Swider-Peltz some questions.

Learning about different genres using EDpuzzle's 21st Century learning tool.

2nd Grade Wax Museum

Mrs. Lappe's students build relationships during Morning Meeting.

Miss Braniff's students are excited to read in their book nook.

A visit from an Olympian, Nancy Swider-Peltz, to inspire us through our Olympic IBL unit.

Mission Statement

Westchester Public Schools, District 92½, will apply inquiry-based strategies within the curriculum and foster a culturally responsive, caring and safe environment that addresses the instructional needs of all students while developing leadership skills and opportunities.
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News & Announcements

WANTED: -FINtastic Math Detectives

To celebrate April's Math Awareness Month, Mrs. Lafin, our math specialist, is challenging WPS students to be "FINtastic Math Detectives" and find the Mystery number of the week. A flyer is hung in each classroom to encourage students to participate. There will be a new "Mystery Number Story of the week" for all of April.

Beginning on Friday, April 6th, they can be found on Mrs. Lafin's website in the folder titled "Mystery Number of the week." Here is the link to her website. Be sure to scroll to the bottom! https://sites.google.com/a/sd925.org/mrs-lafin-math-specialist/file-cabinet

At the end of April, 5 winners will be drawn from K, 1st, and 2nd grades to eat lunch with Mrs. Lafin and receive a treat. Please encourage your child to be a FINtastic Math Detective and solve each week's Mystery Number! Copies can also be found in your child’s classroom beginning on Monday.

1st Grade Writers’ Round-Up

Thursday, May 3rd between 6:00-7: 00 PM - Attention 1st grade parents! You’re invited to the First Grade Writers’ Round-up on Thursday, May 3rd between 6:00-7:00PM. All first grade students have been learning about different types of writing and would love to share their portfolios with their families. The Writers’ Round-Up will take place in each child’s classroom. Light refreshments will be served. Cowboy attire is welcome.

ABC Countdown

The Last 26 Days! – April 30th through June 5th - Believe it or not, the school year is coming to an end. During the last 26 days of school, WPS will be participating in the ABC countdown. Each school day we will have a different activity depending on the letter of the day. Your child may need to bring or wear certain things on various days. Please Note: Participation is not required. A sheet will be sent home to help your child remember what day in the Countdown we are on. I hope your child enjoys his/her last days!

Operation Care Package

It’s that time of year again where we let those who protect us know how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate everything they do. Operation Care Package in collaboration with the Proviso Public Partnership is once again reaching out to the Proviso community to express our gratitude by sending care packages to members of the military who are currently active overseas.

WPS Has Talent 2018

Westchester Primary School is excited to announce our 1st annual talent show! All students of Westchester Primary School are welcome to participate in this event. This event will take place at Westchester Intermediate School on the evening of Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:00 pm. Students can sing a song, perform a dance routine, tell jokes, create a magic act, develop a skit, play an instrument or demonstrate their own particular talent in their very own unique way. Creativity is a must! All acts must be two minutes or less. Please see the attached document for more information. All permission slips are due Wednesday, April 25th.

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