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2020-2021 SCOTY Award Nominees & Winner

Congratulations to Frankie R! He was named the School Citizen of the Year (SCOTY)! A SCOTY is a student that has a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, good leadership skills, and is a superb role model among their peers. His teacher, Mrs. LaBelle reports, “Frankie is a bright student, caring friend, and a fantastic role model to others! When it comes to academics, Frankie is eager to learn and rarely discouraged. He is confident, very observant, and loves to share his thinking with the class. I can always count on him to participate and do his best! In addition to the hard-working student that he is, he also has the kindest heart! He is sweet, gentle, and kind to everyone he interacts with. He is an amazing listener, which makes him a wonderful friend. He is always willing to help out others and is polite no matter the circumstances! He sets an extraordinary example for other students at WPS.  As his teacher, I could not be more proud of him! What I love the most about Frankie is that he is never afraid to make mistakes. He is constantly excited about growing his brain, and approaches every challenge with a positive attitude and an excitement that is contagious! His love for learning motivates his classmates every day and we are so lucky to have him in our class this year.  He is a positive leader, a helper, and an incredible friend to all. I have loved watching him grow into the outstanding student that he is and I know he will continue to inspire others with his hard work and genuine kindness in the years to come.” The WPS community is proud to call Frankie the Westchester Primary School SCOTY award winner for this school year. We would also like to congratulate the other nominees that continue to represent Dolphin Pride: Emilia W., Gustavo P., George R., Jacob L., Abigail M., Emilia B., Logan K., Anthony A., Yukari G., Abigail U., and Alexa C. The students are nominated and voted on by the entire WPS staff.